Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mothers' Day

Today is a celebration for mothers everywhere. Some want breakfast in bed, some want a phone call from their children, others can only spend their day remembering time spent with their kids. There are so many ways to celebrate your mother or your mothering...

My family decided that we should spend the weekend camping so I woke up in my warm bed in our 1972 SportsCoach. Yes that is the lovely retro camper that came with white shag carpet from front to back and up the walls! We have had the camper in our little family for 22 years and have enjoyed many trips with it. I had decided early on that if I had to leave my house for the wilds then I had better have a good sleep so that I would not be a bear to the rest of the family. With a little shopping I found a queen size mattress that would literally fold in half and we could therefore get it into the back of the camper. This has proven to be the best investment ever because now when the kids say they want to go out in the woods I am assured of a very comfortable sleep!

So back to my Mothers' Day... How did I spend my day? I made coffee for those that need a shot of caffeine to get their day started. Then I cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes for the seven of us. Then I cleaned up the dishes, washed down the kitchen area of the camper, cleaned the bathroom and stowed everything that had been used and prepared for the trip home. I had the momentary thought that many mothers would resent that they had to not only cook the breakfast but they would also have to clean it all up. Then sanity set in.

I spent the the morning with my children. They did not argue and they thanked me for breakfast when it was done. Beyond that I watched as they worked together to break down the campsite without being told what to do.They laughed with (and at) each other. They showed me that beyond being siblings they are also friends. They showed me that they can use manners when least expected and that they appreciate the things that I do for them even though they may not vocalize all of those thoughts. Thanks kids for showing me that my journey through mothering has shifted to a new phase where I can enjoy the fruits of my labours and I can step back and enjoy the beautiful people that you have become. That is my gift today. Thank you Katy, Paula and Graham. Now I just have to find a way to celebrate with my own mother!

Happy Mothers' Day!