Friday, 9 May 2014

I have spent the day looking over other people's blogs and wondering what I should add and what I should say. This whole experience makes me feel like I should have something really important to put out there in cyberspace! So in my journey through other blogs I looked at content and then I came back to my own blog server and looked at some of the options. One of the options asks me if I want to earn money by placing ads on my blog page. Well that seemed like something a starving student would be interested in doing! Then I started to look at how the ads are matched to the content.

Now - back to the blog that really got my attention - This Recently Married Man Just Realized Marriage Is Not For Him - by Seth Adam Smith. The sentiment was quite nice. The comments were varied in opinion and the pictures of him and his lovely wife were good. As I was reading this post through FaceBook and not on his actual blog I clicked on the Viral News Stories link (which is a user name for and I was able to read his story. The startling laugh came at the end of the story when the "ad matching" device had inserted an ad for "How to fix your marriage" by and then there was an ad for a divorce lawyer! Now really - I am sure when Seth wrote the loving words about his wife and marriage he never intended the words to be accompanied by an ad for a divorce lawyer!

I guess that means that I will forgo the earning potential of putting ads onto my blog!! Who knows what might end up on my blog!!

So while I spin my wheels I have another great song for you to enjoy!